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Assembly Preparation

Seal Cutter OT-1

Assembly Preparation

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  • Manufacturer: Vaspo Vamberk s.r.o.

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Seal Cutter OT-1

Seal cutter OT-1 is designed to work trimming the rubber lip of the plastic base.
Equipment base frame is welded from steel profiles, which is mounted on the trimming head, control panel, switchgear cabinet, compressed air, electrical and electronic distribution. In the upper part of head is a hole for attaching the mesh manipulation. After the energy is cut off and remove the head of a frame, you can head to move with lifting equipment.
Cuttinghead is equipped with blades, pulleys, and thrust profile for the leadership to lead sealing strips. The head can be adjusted in the range of +25 mm, -25 mm in the transverse direction through the Ku bar seal.
Manipulation with thrust and cutting elements is performed pneumatically. Condensation is protracted over trimming equipment line (alternatively you can complete on your own drive).

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