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Cutting Machines

In Line Cutting Machine SK - 01

Cutting Machines

Additional Info

  • Manufacturer: Vaspo Vamberk s.r.o.
  • Built year: 2003
  • Serial number: 166/203

Product description

Wire guiding roller is one of the four girder feed rollers, then passes between the jaws of the shear retainer sleeve, which is part of the shear mechanism. For the shear case the wire enters the guide channel, which is composed always one of the two grooves in the guide rod and locking bars. On the guide rod is threaded bumper, which converts the end of the wire hitting the hydraulic shock absorber which is attached to the locking bar in such a distance that corresponds to the selected length sheared. When the impact end of the wire to the bumper and the shock is sensed by non-contacting position sensor bumper, giving impetus to implement the cuts. A separate editing function is coupled with relief for feed rollers and the clamping jaw grippers. Immediately after shearing of the wire is put into motion roller bouncer, which operates by rotating the cam shaft axis by about 35 degrees. This will be released until done guiding groove, so it snip the wire can get out. This is turning into the track while the server will set up a second wire guide groove, which is possible after the previous release clips and re-feed rollers grip the wire the next administration. Bumper to its original position move to the springs and hydraulic shock absorbers further additional spring that rests on the adjustable segment. Timing of cutting all the drivers, administration, throwing the wire and wire-cut tab is set to programmable controller so that the idle times are minimized. Cut the wire comes off alternately along the locking rod and supporting tube to slide in its upper part is a stabilizing stop to snip the wire gets to the bottom of a slip up just zkladnění ustřiženého wire, so it snip the wire is routed up the stack.

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