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Briquette press PH-1


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  • Manufacturer: Vaspo Vamberk s.r.o.

Nov PH- 1 is used forforming packaging materials forpellets,whichare thenusedas fuelin the manufacture of compaction rollers coated welding electrodes.

Product description

PNov PH - 1 is used for forming packaging materials for pellets, which are then used as fuel in the manufacture of compaction rollers coated welding electrodes. Knockouts consists of the following parts: welded frame, four vertical hydraulic cylinders used to infer the pressing force, four compression cylinder piston Ø 214, of which 2 cylinders are lined to Ø 154, further closing the sliding cover, controlled hydraulic cylinder and hydraulic unit with the diaphragm elements. Pressing cylinders are stored in the machine frame so that when retracting pistons allow their axial shift release closing the lid, which can then be twisted into the open position. Pistons are pressing against the cylinders sealed replaceable rubber gasket. Closing lid is a circular plate with four holes, which is hydraulically wrapping about 45o so that the first position is a stop, the other open. Both positions are sensed by inductive sensors BQ1 (lid open) and BQ2 (lid closed). The lid is placed on the machine frame radially and axially so that it can release the pressing force to be able to rewind. Hydraulic unit, located in the frame of the machine is equipped with two pressure areas, which are selected by two cabinet Respite YV0. Drum lid handles the selected lower pressure manifold YV1, cylinder piston is driven distributor YV2 (down to a lower pressure, up high pressure). The pump unit is powered by a motor M1 (7.5 kW). The oil temperature is monitored by two thermostats. ST1 thermostat (60 °), stops the machine immediately, thermostat ST2 (45 °) controls the cooling oil. For cooling the oil cooler is equipped with a circulation pump oil M2 (70W) and M3 fan (70W). Pressure branch, common to both circuits, is equipped with an analog pressure sensor BP1, which monitors pressure conditions and controls the plunger cycle

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