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Packing Machines

Packing line for welding electrodes

Packing Machines

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  • Manufacturer: Vaspo Vamberk s.r.o.

Full automatic packing line for welding electrodes

Equipment used for packing boxes into coils, the subsequent imposition of a variety of transportation and in storage.

Product description

The course package has multiple parts. First, establish a handler with a variety narovnanýma the electrodes on the first dopravník.Paleta He would go under the manipulator. This will remove the electrodes after four and put them on the side conveyor. After that go towards the conveyor packing foil (BF-1). At the interface of these two conveyors to create spacing between the electrodes (different speeds of both belts). Continues to wrapped in foil. Enters the stretched film, and after passing around the foil folds, cuts and welds. Farther passes through heat treatment (HT-1) - foil due to the heat shrink. He goes into packing boxes (BK-1). Here is inserted into the prepared boxes, valve boxes closed and sealed.As soon as the device is placed marking-labeling. The conveyor is positioned stop labeling machines, which holds the box in the desired position relative to the labeller. He must affix the label and carton boxes continues. Drive to another conveyor, turn 180 degrees and reaches all the way under the manipulator. After finishing fourth box is a manipulator picks up on the pallet. It is prepared in the adjacent conveyor. After the meeting passes the package to the film. Operation find a variety of wraps and foils variety of marks. Puttee range extends longitudinally on the rotating table (OS-1) where the pallet is rotated 90 ° so she went to the store correctly (across).

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