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Repair and emergency services

Part of our activities is the provision of service and emergency response services for the company. The main contents are professional maintenance services in the maintenance of buildings. Services used primarily by businesses in the immediate area. Of course there is the quality of the work carried out and respect to the customer's requirements. Contractually we also provide services in the event of an accident.

Offer service services.

  • we provide complete repair and reconstruction of objects
  • we carry out the dismantling of buildings , objects and the remediation of land
  • the exchange and reconstruction of the electrical distribution technical installation
  • repair and design and construction of heating systems
  • repair and fabricating gas manifolds
  • we provide service of lifting equipment
We also provide a seasonal service for the village and the city. We carry out servicing , assembly and installation of lighting, we provide the winter maintenance of roads.

Trucking and earthmoving

Trucking, transportation of bulk materials

We offer services in the field of traffic and transportation costs. We provide transport of bulk materials and bulk materials .
Our services include transportation of soil , sand , debris , recycled materials and other bulk materials. We offer the laying container load of 8 tons and 4 tons transportation of construction equipment


We provide all earthworks backhoe . We carry out work such as cuts to the slopes , excavation of foundations , basements , utilities, landscaping. Combining earthmoving machinery , we are able to dig a trench various widths of 30 , 40 , 50 , 60 , 80 , 120 cm to a depth of 5 meters. For difficult excavations in rocky rocks and minor demolition use hydraulic hammer.

 We provide these works

  • Preparatory work for construction
  • Excavation work
  • Establishment of industrial buildings
  • Materials for concrete floors
  • Digging foundations for houses
  • Terrain work
  • Utilities
  • Minor demolition

Work crane

Crane works we provide mobile autojeřábem TATRA 148 AD 20. The crane on the chassis of the car Tatra 148 has a maximum load capacity of 18 t and a maximum range of 18m. We most frequently provide the normal material handling, assembly and building work. Crane works are also connected by the transport of material – loads that we are able to ensure by using their own cars and tractors.

Work with the assembly platform

We provide high-altitude work using assembly platforms .

Our services provide the following work

  • Maintenance of public lighting
  • Routine maintenance unlit light points
  • Repair masts and booms - settlement
  • Repair mast switchboards
  • Repair slots masts
  • Troubleshooting overhead lines
  • Eliminate accidental damage caused by the weather
  • Repair of cable failures , including targeting locations disorders

We offer the possibility to use the following mounting platforms

Mobile platform IP 14

MULTICAR - Assembly platform

TATRA 815 - Hydraulic arm

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