• Production of special machines
    Production of special machines

    We manufacture special purpose machines and equipment for specific industries. Production includes separate manufacturing machinery and components production lines.

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  • Automation, mechanization, special machines
    Automation, mechanization, special machines

    We deal with our own development tools, we deliver equipment according to customer requirements, delivery of equipment for a wide range of industries.

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The company VASPO VAMBERK, Ltd. It was founded in 1992. It is a modern and constantly evolving dynamic company. The company currently employs 180 employees. The company has two manufacturing divisions.e. Machinery manufacturing is engaged in the development and manufacture of machinery and equipment for a wide range of industries. It is the custom manufacturing of special purpose machines, equipment, production lines, assembly plant.Building production is oriented mainly in agricultural buildings and industrial buildings..
Integrated information system company, the use of modern technology, flexible planning purchases of goods and an advanced customer relationship management aims to improve the quality of services provided and relations with clients or business partners. The company introduced a certified system of production control and regularly pass through demanding audit. Successful management audit rules guarantee the highest quality of service.


Machine production, special machines

Machinery and equipment for the automotive industry, production of welding electrodes and wires, machinery manufacture custom

We develop, design and manufacture of prototype equipment and single-purpose machines to specific plants for specific customers since 1992. Our purpose machines precisely match customer requirements, terms and conditions of production.

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Construction output, construction services

Industrial and agricultural buildings, renovations, new buildings

We focus on agricultural buildings and industrial buildings. General construction of new buildings and renovation of buildings. We supply industrial buildings, storage buildings, buildings for agricultural production. We provide engineering services and all services associated with the supply of buildings.

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VASPO Vamberk Ltd.

blank ico Smetanovo nábřeží 180 blank ico Tel.: +420 494 544 151
  517 54 Vamberk blank ico Fax: +420 494 541 748
  Czech Republic blank ico E-mail: obchod@vaspo.cz
IČO: 47470046    
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About us

Vaspo Vamberk s.r.o. is on the market presents itself as an engineering and construction company providing comprehensive services in these fields.

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